Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Try it Tuesday: Knitted Knot Bracelet

I feel like it's been a while since I've blogged about something I've knitted. I have been knitting feverishly, believe you me, but on a project that is taking my longer than donut, disappointingly. Why must a jumper take so long? I've calculated that if I do ten rows every day, I should be done in two weeks. However, I begun to lose patience with this jumper as it's very repetitive, even for knitting, and decided to give myself a break by doing something smaller. Hello, knitted bracelet. 

I saw this pattern by Zoe of Floral and Feather on Leanne's blog Knit me a Cake and instantly fell in love. All the cool kids are wearing sailing knot bracelets at the moment and the idea of making my own for free from some left over wool somewhat appealed. So yesterday, after a failed attempt to start knitting a spontaneous pair of socks that even Dobby would have declined, I put on a new playlist and knitted away. 

The pattern calls for double ended needles and knitting in the round but because it was a simple project, I found it was perfect for someone like me who needs the practise in the more fiddley knitting.

Maybe now I will be able to conquer knitting socks. But first, I should probably finish that jumper. Enough procrastaknitting.


  1. You're such a sweetheart and always inspire me to be more creative xxxxxx

  2. This is so cute, and looks warm too! I'm currently sat browsing blogs on my lunchbreak and my office is freezing. Could do with a couple of these on my wrists today!

    Victoria, x victoriachapman.co.uk

  3. Oh wow, where did you find the pattern and do you think a fairly rubbish beginner could cope with it?

  4. I love the ideas of a try it Tuesday! that bracelet is FAB Jo x

  5. Such a cute bracelet and I definitely agree with taking breaks from knitting big things to have a quick and satisfying make too

  6. It looks awesome. You are amazing. That is all x

  7. this is so cute! i love it. is it simple to do for a beginner? i've not knitted before!
    charl x

  8. Hooray for procrastaknitting! So glad you liked the braclet and that the tutorial worked. Looking forward to seeing your jumper :) xx

  9. Absolutely love this! Knitting seems such a lovely hobby - I feel inspired to give it a go! x

    She Was a Day Tripper