Saturday, 19 April 2014

I heart handmade - easter treats

Look at this! I'm actually continuing a blog series. I'll grab the smelling salts to try and wake you up from the fact you inevitably fainted in surprise at this. Here's a little pick and mix of my favourite things to last minute by or make yourself for Easter. Hope you enjoy.

These sheep finger puppets are such a cute idea from the Purl Bee. And I might have a plan to make a few tomorrow. If I do, I'm sure there will be an Instagram video of the final one woman puppet show extravaganza.

I happen to believe bunnies are an all year round celebration so although this is a selection of Easter treats, I would wear rabbits on my nails any day. These are designed by Hello Harriet and I have fallen in love. Her temporary tattoos are a great idea too for a girl who is petrified of needles. And commitment.

This card is the kind of card I want to receive. I hope you're all taking notes here. I swear it's quoting this song (which I adore) but regardless it's funny and cute and I like it.

Any excuse for a piñata. But an Easter egg piñata? Hello.

And I'm sure you've already made plenty of cornflake easter nests years before but the idea of cutting up innocent marshmallows and making them into bunnies seems like the perfect alternative. Here's the guide to follow if you fancy it.

It's become a tradition on a family holiday for me to sit down and knit a little something to remember it by. Christmas? A Christmas Pudding. Easter? I thought it be only appropriate to knit a bunny. I might just knit a small one but this is a lovely pattern for a slightly longer project. Maybe one day.

And finally, this cross stitch would be a great thing to start after Easter Sunday lunch while watching to telly with family, no?

Happy Easter, friends!


  1. That knitted bunny is probably the cutest thing I ever did see. After you, obvs.

  2. Marshmallow bunnies - genius! Happy Easter :)

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous lovely! You can't beat the treats that come with Easter, and what could possibly be better than a treat? A hand made treat!! You found some wonderful things : )

    Have a lovely Easter weekend, peach.

    Faded Windmills

  4. Love this! :)
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    Thank you so much!