Wednesday, 30 April 2014

How to make an embroidered sew-on patch

When the clocks go forward and the days get longer, I suddenly crave a life like something out of a 90s summer movie. I have an idyllic dream of listening to Hanson sat on the bonnet someone else's car. Maybe I've just been watching 'Ten Things I Hate About You' too much. No, that can't be it.

Nevertheless, I have embraced this feeling by starting to dress like I'm from a 90s film. I'm talking scrunchies, friendship bracelets, and the newest handmade addition? DIY patches for your double denim outfit. Here's how you can make your own.

For the background of my patch, I used calico. You could use any fabric you want but I chose calico because it's plain and very easy to sew onto. I drew a paper template of the shape I wanted my patch to be, you could also print a template off. Then, using my air erasable fabric pen (best purchase ever) I drew around my template onto my calico.

Using an image I found on Tumblr as inspiration, I marked out what I wanted to embroider onto my patch. 

Then, using the basic embroidery stitches I learnt when sewing my needle purse, I sewed my design onto the calico making sure it was taut in an embroidery hoop. Using a hoop just makes things so much easier.

Here is my finished design. I also added sequins because I'm a princess.

I cut around my patch allowing about 1 cm of seam. With my glue gun at hand, I stuck the frayed edges down. I suppose I could have sewn this but after all that embroidery, I thought I'd cheat a bit.

To finish my patch off, I made a back out of felt following the paper template I made before as a guide. I sewed all around the edges using six strands of embroidery thread to make a good outline.

And you're done! Just sew your patch onto your favourite blue jeans with the holes in the knees or onto your trusty old denim jacket.

I'm very aware there is now a photo of my bottom on this blog.

PS Today is the last day that you can nominate my blog for the Company Style Blog Awards, if you think I deserve it. I'm trying for Best Designed, you never know! This link's here. Thank you so much for ally your support, you will be rewarded in knitted goodies.


  1. Wonderful diy. I'm super eager to make one of my own now!

  2. HELLO BOTTOM! I think that that is a fine photo for a day like today.
    And that patch is as sweet as cherry pie too!
    I'm trying to vote for you lovely but the link comes up with an error page! BOOOOOO!
    Let me know to do it on twitter before it closes!
    Sophie xx

  3. Such a great idea!! :O <3 so trying this :) xx

  4. Cute!Might have to give this a try,although I don't think I'll be rocking the double denim.

  5. I may have to give this a go! Looks awesome.

  6. Aww this is so cute!
    congrats on being shortlisted! :D