Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Handmade Christmas Gift Guide, for your Brother

We have come to the last guide guide! Sobs. I know we all hoped it would never end, but this one is a goodun' to fanfare out on. Unlike most people, who have been counting down the days until Christmas, I have been counting down the days until 'Bro-mas', when I am reunited with my two favourite horrors. But don't tell them that.

He's the chaos of the house. He puts his feet up on the table, he leaves wet towels on the floor and I'm pretty sure that stain on the living room carpet was from when he threw a party when everyone else was away for a weekend. But we love him regardless. Nearing his mid-twenties now and he is still as immature as ever. He's what to make this rascal. 

Knit him... a dinosaur. I found this free pattern with the help of Pinterest and I am planning on knitting it for my mum's godson (aka my godbrother, as I like to call him) who is 3 but it will do just as well for a 23-year-old.
Sew him... a cheeky cross stitch to hang on the wall of his University house which he shares with five other 'lads'. I love the patterns by Subversive CrossStitch. You can buy the PDF download and stitch it up pretty quickly. Some of them are very rude so this is definitely for an older brother, but still, I think he'll love it.
Make him... get his Instagram's printed. That boy loves to take too many selfies. You can get them printed in polaroids, on magnets or in booklets by many different companies, I suggest Stickygram. Whichever you think he'll love best just don't forget to add a filter. I personally love the idea of getting his photos printed onto a phone case, like in the above picture. After all, he does take a lot of snaps of his breakfast. And his blueberries and yogurt which he refers to a 'blogurt'. 
Bake him... these bacon and maple syrup donuts from Shutterbean. Need I explain further? He most definitely will scoff them up without any problem. 
Buy him... this adorable floppy disk cushion. Because he's a sucker for BuzzFeed style nostalgia.

Zat U Santa Claus by Meaghan Smith on Grooveshark


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