Tuesday, 10 December 2013

How to make a 'Where The Wild Things Are' crown

As a child I was always daydreaming. My family used to laugh about how I'd talk about fictional characters as if they were real (cough, cough. Lizzie McQuire.) Honestly, little has changed in that regard over the years, although I have grown out of watching excessive amounts of Disney Channel Teen Sitcoms. My mind is often elsewhere, either thinking about a current blog post, planning a knitting project or imagining what the world would look like if I could wear a pair of Instagram filter glasses. 

I was never naughty, like Max out of 'Where The Wild Things Are'. Perhaps that's why a forest never grew in my bedroom no matter how often I willed it to. The nearest I ever got was when I grew herbs on my window sill. 

I made this DIY to reconcile this. Although I may never be able to go to where the wild things are, I can always pretend, no matter how old I am.

For this little project, you will need, newspaper or magazines, a small bowl of water, glitter, PVA glue, wire and an old paint brush.

First, measure out around your head and cut a piece of wire to that length. Wrap the end pieces around each other securely using a pair of jewellery pliers.

Then cut five pieces of wire which are triangle shaped all in varying sizes. I made two small, two medium and one large so the crown got gradually taller towards the centre.

Then, I attached each of the triangle ends to my crown by wrapping the wire around into a little spiral. The wire will stand upright if you pinch the knot and make it very tight.

Then for the messy bit! Add glue to a bit of water and dip strips of your newspaper in it so they are damp. Wrap the paper around the wire, like papermache. I let my crown dry overnight after this. In the morning, I painted the newspaper covered crown with glue and sprinkled my glitter all over it, on top of a large piece of paper. Once I ran out of glitter, I moved my crown and poured the glitter off the paper back into the little pot. Very Blue Peter! I repeated the glitter sprinkling until my crown was completely covered. 

Once it's dry, it's ready to wear and you can feel free to prance around your local woods in your crown. Because that's exactly what I did.  I may have got a few funny looks but in my head I was queen of the wild things for a day and it was magical.

"And now," cried Max. "Let the wild rumpus start!"

 I got my tights wet sitting on that grass. I hope you're happy.

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  1. I won't lie to you, I *very* often sit and watch Disney Channel shows. Nothing has ever come quite as close to how awesome Lizzie Mcguire was though! x

    1. I was more of a That's So Raven kind of girl, myself. I moulded myself on her. I often pretend to have 'visions' and everything. However, I do remember being obsessed with the Lizzie McGuire movie. ESPECIALLY, that closing number. Man, it was catchy. X

  2. Oh my days. Never mind the crown, you're the cutest girl ever
    Am I allowed to say that? #GLOLO

    1. Oh, Wil! Thank you, that's so sweet. #jolo